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Proposed Amendment to the Control of Dogs Bylaw 2016

Council is proposing an amendment to the Control of Dogs Bylaw allowing for a maximum of two dogs in residential areas with any further requiring a multi-dog permit.

Statement of Proposal [PDF]

The proposed fee for a multi dog permit is $30.00 which would need to be applied for every three years. If the proposed amendment was formally adopted the fee would not come in to place until 1 July 2021. The timing would give in excess of six months for current urban properties with more than two dogs to organise a permit application for which there would be no fee.

For the full proposed amendment, please see Section 20, Number of Dogs at a Residential Address in the revised Bylaw below.

Proposed Bylaw [PDF]

As part of the permit process, consultation with immediate neighbours will be considered in the application form for the permit to own more than two dogs at the property.

Engagement Plan [PDF]


Written submissions on the proposed amendment to the Control of Dogs Bylaw may be made from 25 September 2020 until midday 19 November 2020.

Submission forms will be available from Council libraries in Marton, Bulls, Taihape and the Council’s Administration Building in Marton, the form will also be made available via the Councils website. Those who make a written submission may also choose to make an oral submission.

Hearings of oral submissions will be scheduled for 26 November 2020, at the Council Chambers in Marton.

Printable Submission Form [PDF]

Online Submission Form

For further information please contact George Forster, Policy Analyst,