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Rates Remission Policy 2022

Temporary Note

Consultation is now closed.

Council adopted the Rates Remission Policy on 9 June 2022. No changes were made to the draft Rates Remission Policy, apart from a correction to an error in the dates identified on page 11.

View the adopted policy here.

Summary of Information

Rangitīkei District Council is consulting on the Draft Rates Remission Policy 2022.

The Rates Remission Policy has been reviewed, and a number of changes have been proposed:

  • Improvement to administration processes for applying for rates relief for economic development.
  • Limiting the criteria for rates relief for development, with the inclusion of “economic” development.
  • Removal of Incentives for Business Expansion.
  • Limiting applications to the northern end of the District for ‘Incentivising Residential Development’.
  • Removal of contiguous rating units owned or leased by a single ratepayer – as it is covered by other legislation.
  • Additional information to make it clearer on how to apply for remissions.
  • Various other amendments have been made for clarification.


Submissions on the Draft Rates Remission Policy 2022 may be made before 5pm Monday 9 May 2022.

You can make a submission online or print a copy and post it to Marton Office, 46 High Street, Marton, 4741.

Please indicate whether you would like to speak to your submission and include contact details.