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Representation Review

Local Government Commission Determination

The Local Government Commission has upheld the final proposal based on the information provided.

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Appeals / Objections

The period for appeals / objections to Council’s Final Proposal closed on 6 December 2021. One objection to the Final Proposal was received.

The Local Government Commission will consider the Objection and other information provided, including the non-compliance of the proposed Southern Ward for the population per councillor, and will decide the representation arrangements for the Rangitīkei District for the 2022 local government elections.

When considering the objection against the Final Proposal, the Local Government Commission has the option of either making a decision based on the information provided or holding a hearing, at which those involved can present their views.

The Local Government Commission decision takes into account:

  • the appeals / objections
  • submissions to Council’s Initial Proposal
  • information gained through further enquiries the Local Government Commission considers appropriate.

The Local Government Commission may amend any parts of the Final Proposal and has until 10 April 2022 to make a decision.

Final Proposal - Representation for the 2022 local government elections

On 28 October 2021 the Rangitīkei District Council considered the submissions received on its initial proposal regarding the representation arrangements for the Council, and its community boards, to apply for the local elections to be held on 8 October 2022.

The Council received 11 submissions on its proposal. Having considered all of the submissions, the Council resolved to adopt its initial proposal as the Council’s final proposal, subject to the following amendments:

  • Retaining two meshblocks near Turakina with the Southern Ward.
  • Changing the names for the Māori Wards as follows:
    • Northern changed to Tiikeitia ki Uta (Inland)
    • Southern changed to Tiikeitia ki Tai (Coastal)

Therefore the final proposal is as follows:

Council Representation

Council comprise 11 members elected from five wards, plus the Mayor. The population that each member will represent is as follows:

WardPopulationNo. of Councillors per WardPopulation per Councillor

Northern General




Central General




Southern General




Tiikeitia ki Uta (Inland)




Tiikeitia ki Tai (Coastal)




District Total


In accordance with section 19V(2), Local Electoral Act 2001 the population that each member represents must be within the range of +/-10% of General Wards: 1,433 (1,290-1,576) and Māori Wards: 1,435 (1,292-1,579), unless particular community of interest considerations justify otherwise.

Only the representation of the Southern Ward falls outside the stipulated range. The Council considers that the Southern Ward warrants two members for the following reason:

  • The non-compliance is required to ensure effective representation by not splitting a community of interest in two.

Community Board Representation

The Taihape and Rātana Community Boards will remain unchanged. Each Board will elect four members. The Taihape Community Board will have two appointed members and the Rātana Community Board will have one appointed member.

Public Notice [PDF]

Final Proposal - Map

Supporting Information

Consultation Information Representation Review Initial Proposal 2021

Initial Proposal – Map

Māori Wards – Options for two wards

Discussion Document – 19 August

Briefing Paper – 8 July

Rātana Community Board boundaries map.

Public Notice - 9 September 2021

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