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Revenue and Financing Policy

Date of Adoption by Council31 May 2018
Resolution Number18/RDC/205
Date by which review must be completed31 May 2021
Relevant LegislationSection 102(4) of the Local Government Act 2002
Statutory or Operational PolicyStatutory
Included in the LTP2018-2028

Section 102(4) of the Local Government Act 2002 requires the Council to adopt a Revenue and Financing Policy, and clause 10 of Schedule 10 of that Act requires this adopted policy to be included in Council’s Long-Term Plan.

The purpose of the revenue and financing policy is twofold.

  • to state the Council’s policies in respect of funding both operating expenses and capital expenditure from the sources available to it;
  • to show how the Council has complied with the requirements (of section 101(3) of the Act) to give consideration to six specific issues in developing the policy.

Part A sets out the policy principles and considerations; Part B shows how these have been applied to Council’s nine groups of activities.

This policy is available for downloading below as a separate document.

Revenue and Financing Policy