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Agreed Terms of Reference Te Roopu Ahi Kaa


The purpose of Te Roopu Ahi Kaa is to assist the Council to develop a partnership through engagement with Tangata Whenua. As well, it is to identify and advise on issues of concern to Tangata Whenua, the Ratana Community and Council, and facilitate resolution in the best interests of the residents, ratepayers, and Tangata Whenua of the Rangitikei District.


  • The Committee and Council to work together to ensure that both Māori and the Council are aware of all relevant issues and are able to participate in Resource Management decision making.
  • The Committee and Council to continue to work together to ensure that Resource Management consultation takes place with the properly identified point of contact for Māori.
  • The Committee and Council to work together to ensure that the relationship of Māori with the environment, along with the values and sites that are of importance to Māori, are protected and, where acceptable, identified.
  • The Committee and Council to ensure that the protocols contained within the Memorandum of Understanding – Tutohinga, are exercised in the utmost good faith to ensure that the needs of both Māori and the wider community are met.
  • The Committee to review the relevant processes of Council and make recommendations on steps to be taken to assist Council in carrying out its functions and responsibilities in a bicultural manner taking into account the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.
  • The Committee to develop draft proposals which recognise the Tangata Whenua of the Rangitikei District’s Kaitiakitanga (the exercise of Guardianship) and Rangatiratanga in a manner consistent with the provisions of the Resource Management Act 1991.
  • The Committee to provide advice and assistance with the Council’s Policies, Bylaws, Rating and Funding, Strategic Plan, Annual Plan, and other activity plans (ie recreation, library, transport, etc).


Māori of Rangitikei are represented on Te Roopu Ahi Kaa by members of Ngati Rangituhia, Ngati Whitikaupeka, Ngati Parewahawaha, Ngati Hauiti, Ngati Ariki Turakina, Kauangaroa / Nga Wairiki, Ngati Kauae /Tauira, Ngati Hinemanu / Ngati Paki, Whangaehu, Ngati Tama Kopiri, the Rātana Community, as well as two elected members of the Rangitikei District Council.

Committee members are recommended to the Council from the various hapu and marae groups within the District and they represent iwi, hapu and marae within the Rangitikei as well as a representative from the Ratana community, identified as a special interest group within the rohe.

Terms of Committee

  • Schedule 7, s. 31 (4) of the Local Government Act 2002 requires that at least one member of the Committee must be an elected member.
  • Schedule 7, s. 30 (7) of the Local Government Act 2002 allows Council discretionary powers in relation to not discharging committees after each triennial election. In light of this, Council has resolved that Te Roopu Ahi Kaa will not be discharged after each election and that it must recommend to Council, within three months of an election, members to the Committee. Schedule 7, s. 31 (5) does however allow, that if the Committee is not discharged under s.30 (7) Council may, after the next triennial general election of members, replace members of the Committee.

Adopted by Council on September 30th, 2004