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Online Banking Course

The Online Banking Course is all about enabling better use of technology to bridge the gap between the community and banking facilities.

This banking course will teach you all you need to know about internet banking. This basic course is a personalised programme that caters to the individual’s needs, pace and abilities. Since the programme is customised, the learners can have as many sessions as they want until they have become competent and fully independent and confident.

The sessions run every week for an hour at designated venues around the district such as the ICT hubs in Marton, Ratana Pa, Te Matapihi in Bulls and the Taihape Library.

The main objective for this course is to build confidence in learners who are encouraged to learn from their own device, however tablets and computers are available. The sessions uses demo sites and apps that are in place just for these training and learning purposes ensuring full security with no one is divulging any personal details.

What it covers? Basic internet banking features such as,

  1. Banking safely – Security features and the types of scams one needs to be aware of
  2. How to pay someone and how to pay bills
  3. How to set up an automatic payment and edit it
  4. How to put a temporary block to a card
  5. Viewing statements online
  6. Opening new accounts
  7. Changing passwords for online banking and for cards & many more.

Learners get to experience the world of online banking from these dummy websites and apps where they are allowed to make mistakes without having to worry and learn to navigate through all of the different features that their respective banks have to offer such as paying bills, making personal transfers and setting up an automatic payment.

It runs every week for an hour at different venues in Rangitīkei district. The interested participants can choose their session time either from 11-12 or 1-2 pm at the following places:

  • Tue - The Lobby at Taihape
  • Wed - ICT Hub at Marton
  • Thu - Ohakea Room at Bulls in Te Matapihi
  • Fri- ICT Hub at Ratana

If you are interested in learning internet banking please contact Rashmi at 027 2182 248 or

Online Banking Resources

  1. Lockdown Quiz – Part 1
  2. Scam Savvy Quiz to identify and avoid scams and be safer online
  3. Internet Safety presentation
  4. BNZ Internet banking demo site: BNZ Internet Banking demo
  5. Internet banking course slides – Part 1
  6. Internet banking course slides – Part 2
  7. Internet banking course – Tasks 1
  8. Internet banking course – Tasks 2
  9. Internet banking course – Tasks 3