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Parks Upgrades Partnership Fund

Do you have a great idea to add or improve on recreational facilities at a Council-owned park?

Do you have good support for your idea from the community?

Have you got a realistic fundraising plan that can raise at least two thirds of the resources needed to make it happen?

If so, then Rangitikei District Council wants to hear from you!

The Parks Upgrades Partnership Fund is a Council fund and is the only one available for capital purchases. The fund is awarded by the Assets / Infrastructure Committee and is open year-round. The Council provides up to 33% in cash of the value – in cash or in kind - of the contribution from the community.

The fund aims to encourage partnerships with community groups to develop facilities for recreation and leisure. Focus is on community-led, small-scale projects which create, replace or improve local assets. An example is the purchase and installation of irrigation equipment for a community garden.

We know that the communities in the District have long been active in developing facilities for their recreation and leisure. We want to encourage this by providing up to 33% in cash of the value – in cash or in kind – of the contribution from the community for small-scale, community-led, capital projects.

What Do We Mean By Small-Scale, Community-Led Capital Projects?

Capital Project is a project which creates a new asset, replaces an existing asset, upgrades an existing asset or refurbishes an existing asset.

Community-led means a project that has been identified from within the community, where the majority of the fundraising has taken or will take place within the community and where the asset will be owned by the Council, or available for use by the community as if it were owned by Council.

Small-scale means a project with the total value of less than $25,000, taking into account actual costs and the value of donated labour or materials.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications may be submitted at any time and will be considered at the next available Assets/Infrastructure Committee of Council (usually within a month).

The Parks Upgrade Partnership Scheme has a maximum financial request within a financial year of $25,000 for any one project. Applications will not be considered retrospectively. All applications are copied into the Assets/Infrastructure Committee Order Paper and are therefore available to the general public.

Parks Upgrades Partnership Fund Expression of Interest Form

Please complete this application form in conjunction with Council staff. The sooner you talk with us about your idea, the sooner we can give you an answer about whether Council can support your project.

Contact: Sheryl Srhoj, Manager - Property

Rangitīkei District Council, Private Bag 1102, Marton 4741

Phone: 0800 422 522