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Ngā Awa Block | Taihape Amenities Building

Partners: Taihape Memorial Park Management and Users Group

We are working with: W&W Construction

Timeline: March 2022 – May 2023

The amenities building will provide sports teams with a modern changing facility that will serve our community for many years to come.

The 298m2 building will be built adjacent to the tennis and netball courts There will be four changing rooms, each with toilets and showers, two smaller multi-purpose rooms, extra referee rooms, and an upstairs room looking over the tennis courts and rugby fields.

The building will be fully accessible, there will be three accessible public toilets and a car park.

Project Updates

3 May 2023

The construction is nearing its completion. The building is expected to be opened by early June under a CPU (Certificate of Public Use) while the documentation required for CCC (Code Compliance Certificate) will be collated and completed with the regulatory team.

This opening date is much later than we had hoped as we encountered several unforeseen delays during the project. COVID-related sicknesses among contractors, supply chain challenges due to high demand, a wet summer that complicated works on the roof and foundations, and flooding in the Hawke's Bay area that put pressure on some subcontractors all contributed to the delay.

We will set the opening celebration date soon and share this on our channels.

21 February 2023

We have experienced delays due to continued poor weather. This includes the delayed completion of the roof and therefore getting the building water tight to start the internal fitout. The internal fitout has now been started and is making good progress. The expected completion is now early April 2023.

14 October 2022

Steel has now arrived onsite and the project is in full swing. We are now seeing the vibrant colour palette coming to life at the project site - a concept that we think truly represents the ecological diversity of our district. From here, we expect to see steady progress as we work towards our January 2023 completion date. The flooring on the tennis and netball courts was also removed and the new surface will be laid in January 2023.

11 July 2022

Frames are up at Ngā Awa Block and we’re tracking well towards a January 2023 completion date. Steel is due to arrive in August so you can expect progress to ramp up quickly from then. The flooring on the tennis and netball courts will also be removed in August and a new surface will be laid in September.

1 June 2022

Supply chain constraints cause delays

Due to supply chain constraints and subsequent subcontractor delays, completion of the Ngā Awa Block, Taihape Amenities Building has been delayed three months and is now scheduled to be finished in January 2023. Due to the current construction environment, delays of this nature were anticipated even with the best efforts of Council and our subcontractors.

Despite the challenging material delays, steady progress has been made onsite. Cross laminate timber flooring that is manufactured in New Zealand was installed last week, and drainage is being installed this week.

5 May 2022

Piling has now been completed and the structure has been built for the floor panels. You can head along to the tennis and netball courts to view to progress from outside the barrier.

The subgrade for the carpark has also been prepared. Once complete the carpark will accommodate approximately 30 vehicles and provides the easiest access to the new building.

Laminated timber floor panels have also arrived on site and will be place on the structure this week. The panels weigh a huge two tonnes and are 12 metres in length.

Storm water pipes under the courts have been cleaned out and will be relined in the next few months.

5 March 2022

A milestone has been reached this week and site set up and ground works are complete. The site has been marked out for the piles and the contractors have begun driving them in.

Living up to the Gumboot Capital title, the construction team have removed very soft clay and soil from the site and replaced it with gravel. This will create better draining and allow heavy machinery to come and go more easily.

5 August 2021

Consultation to name the Taihape Amenities Building and the rooms within it begin. The community can give the suggestion for the new building and smaller room names by filling in the survey online or filling the forms available at the Taihape Information Centre.

The latest concept design will be available at the Taihape Information Centre.

13 July 2021

The developed design of the Taihape Amenities Building is complete, and the design consultants have commenced the detailed design.

The first stage of a two stage procurement for a contractor to build the facility will be released to the market in August 2021. We anticipate starting construction at the end of 2021 or early 2022, depending on weather conditions.

Drone shot of carpark Building foundation Taihape Amenities Building Taihape Amenities Building - Design Concept 1 Taihape Amenities Building - Design Concept 2 Drone Flyover