RDC approves "rates holiday" for new builds

Council approves $5000 rates holiday

February 01, 2019

Rates Rebate for new Rangitikei Residential Development- Council say “choose us!”

Rangitikei District Council today unanimously voted to incentivise new residential development in the region with a $5000 rates “holiday”. It’s a policy already operating in Wellington, but the policy introduced into the Rangitikei will have much fewer restrictions.

The rates “holiday” will include any new residential development (either privately built or built by a developer) and will also include relocatable houses coming into the district. Unlike Wellington, the rates holiday is not restricted to new builds for first home buyers, but anyone building a new home.

Deputy-Mayor Cr Belsham said the main driver behind the incentivisation scheme was for people outside the region to choose Rangitikei to relocate to.

“We have lots of land available and there’s plenty of space to build. Not only will this attract buyers and land developers, it will help ease the housing shortage in our region and grow our population base.”

Mr Belsham says Council is excited about the possibilities the rates’ holiday offers, and the very clear message is sends to the wider region that Rangitikei is the place to be.