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Taihape - Napier Road Status

July 02, 2020

3 July 2020: 11am

Taihape to Napier road is now OPEN.

Graders have cleared the snow from the road and the road is safe to be open to the public. Please take extra care on the roads over weekend. Thanks everyone for your patience.

3 July 2020: 8am

Taihape-Napier Road Update

With a light dusting of snow along the road last night, the road will remain closed this morning while we clear the snow. Hoping to have the road open around lunchtime today but will update everyone around 11am.

Taihape - Napier Road Remains Closed

2 JULY 2020: 4PM

Due to unsafe driving conditions from the recent snow the road will remain closed overnight, an update will provided Friday 3 July morning.

2 JULY 2020: 1pm

At this stage the Taihape Napier road will remain closed. Weather condition still snowing. Next update 3.30pm.

2 JULY 2020: 12pm

The Taihape Napier road will remain closed until further notice. We have a crew working on site monitoring the road and weather conditions - which is still snowing. We will have another update at 1.00pm

2 JULY 2020: 7.30am

Due to snowfall the road will remain closed, an update will be provided around 11am.

Photos below taken by our contractor last night, Wednesday 1 July

1 JULY 2020

Taihape - Napier Road Closed

The Taihape-Napier road will be closed again today from 5pm, Wednesday 1 July . Road closed barriers will be placed at the Kuripapango bridge, intersection of Mangaohane and Taihape Napier road and at the Moawhango settlement. The weather forecast is predicting snow down to 500m. An update on the status of the road will be around 7.30am tomorrow morning.

Up-to-date information is available here.


Taihape to Napier Road - Update 7.45am Wednesday, 1 July

The Taihape - Napier Road reopened at 7.45am this morning, but extreme care is advised - more snow is expected later today, so keep up to to date with road conditions if you need to travel this road, and keep warm!

30 JUNE 2020

Taihape - Napier Road will be closed from 5pm tonight

Due to snow falling now and the snow predicted for tonight the Taihape - Napier Road will be closed overnight.

This will be reviewed at 7.30am tomorrow (Wednesday).

Up-to-date information is available here.

Taihape Napier Road 1 July b

Taihape Napier Road 1 July a