Animal Control

Rangitikei District Council provides a range of services related to the control of animals and their impact on the community, including, but not limited to, enforcement of the Dog Control Act 1996, Stock Droving Bylaw, and the Impounding Act 1955. Council provides this activity through a shared service agreement with Manawatu District Council allowing 24 hour/365 day cover.

6 Animal Control Officers are available in our district, their tasks include regular patrolling of the district, collecting stray dogs and where possible locating their owners, good dog owner inspections, attending to call outs, stock impounding and investigation and follow up visits.

Council encourages owners to register dogs on time, provide good housing for their dogs, and comply with all rules and regulations. Achievement of these standards can be recognized with a 'Good Owner Classification" and reduction in annual fees.

Rangitikei District has approximately 4666 dogs owned by approximately 2203 people and the Council has the responsibility to ensure that all dogs are registered and kept under control at all times. This ensures that dogs do not become a nuisance to Rangitikei residents.

Animal Problems

The following animal control problems are subject to the issuing of infringement notices or prosecution or other enforcement action:

  • Roaming dogs and stock
  • Dogs rushing or attacks on persons, pets, stock or wildlife
  • Non compliance with any part of the Dog Control Act 1996 or the Rangitikei District Council Bylaws.

Pest Animals

For issues involving pest animals please contact Horizons Regional Council 0508 800 800

Cats - Domestics and Strays

The Council’s Animal Control Bylaw stipulates that there be no more than 3 adult cats per property, but does not give Council the ability to remove cats from properties, if a person fails to comply with the bylaw, the only option Council has is to go to the court to get the cats removed by the SPCA. You can view the bylaw here:

Animal Control Bylaw 2013

Council has cat traps available for use but takes no responsibility for any disposal of what is trapped. To request the use of a cat trap please contact customer services

If you are experiencing issues regarding stray cats entering your property SPCA has some suggestions on their website, you can view these here:

SPCA Stray Cats Information

If you have lost or found a (dog / cat), you can visit the site below to report it. Please note that if you use this site, the Rangitikei District Council will not be contacted by Pet Finders.

Lost Pet Finders