Code Compliance Certificate

What is a Code Compliance Certificate?

A Code Compliance Certificate confirms all building work is completed and complies with the granted Building Consent and relevant NZ Building Codes.

You are required to apply for a Code Compliance Certificate once all work is completed, i.e: after a successful Final Inspection.

How do I apply and obtain a Code Compliance Certificate?

It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to apply for the Code Compliance Certificate.

To apply for a Code Compliance Certificate, you will need to provide to the Council, the Application for Code Compliance Certificate, which is attached to the Building Consent, any electrical certificates and/or producer statements.

Once the Council receives this information, a final inspection will be carried out to ensure all building work complies with the approved Building Consent and The NZ Building Code.

The Council has 20 working days to decide whether to issue the Code Compliance Certificate. The 20 working days starts once the final inspection is completed and is passed.

The Council will issue the Code Compliance Certificate if it is satisfied:

  • The building work complies with the granted Building Consent and The NZ Building Code
  • Where a Compliance Schedule and Compliance Schedule Statement is required, the Specified System(s) in the building are capable of performing to the performance standards set out in the Building Consent
  • The final inspection is completed and passed
  • Any further costs incurred, have been paid in full.

NOTE: Any building work taken out since the enactment of “The Building Act 2004" will require the owner to apply for the Code Compliance Certificate within 2 years of the Building Consent being issued or prior to the expiry date of the approved extension of time.

What is an Electrical Certificate?

An Electrical Certificate confirms work was undertaken by a registered Electrician and meets the electrical compliance requirements.

What is a Producer Statement?

Producer Statements are written statements confirming the plans and specifications or completed works comply with the technical requirements to some or all of the clauses of the Building Code. A Producer Statement is usually issued by a recognised specialist relevant to building work.

The Council will accept Producer Statements from a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng). If the author of the Producer Statement for design is not a CPEng, a peer review of the design from a CPEng engineer is required.

If the author of a Producer Statement for design or construction is not a CPEng or a peer reviewer is not CPEng, the producer statement will not be accepted.

Importance level 2 and up building work - ensure that Producer Statements are signed and dated by the author and are not more than 90 days old. 

Importance level 1 building work - ensure that Producer Statements are signed and dated by the author and are not more than 365 days old.