Do I need a building consent?

A Building Consent is required for most building work, this includes alterations and additions and includes the following:

  • structural building - additions, alterations to existing buildings and demolition
  • new buildings
  • decks, platforms or bridges more than 1.5 metres above ground level
  • retaining walls higher than 1.5 metres
  • plumbing and drainage work
  • relocating a building
  • changing the use of a building
  • installing a fireplace or air conditioning system
  • fences or walls higher than 2.5 metres
  • swimming or spa pools and their associated fences/safety barriers
  • sheds with a floor area greater than 10 square metres.

As a building owner, you are responsible for ensuring any exempt building work complies with the Building Code and that it doesn't breach any other Act.

Although the work may be classed as exempt under the Building Act, other approvals such as resource consent may be required under the Resource Management Act 1991. If you're not sure about other approvals, please phone us on 0800422522 and talk to one of our planners.

There are exceptions where a Building Consent is not required. See our Exemptions Page for more detail.

NOTE: The information on this website is not all inclusive, for full information regarding Building Consents please contact the Council on 0800 422 522 or or

It is also important to note that other legislation such as Resource Management (National Standards for Air Quality) Regulations 2004 and Smoke –Free Environment Act 1990 requirements may place further obligations to be complied with by building owners.

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