Consent Process

Processing the Building Consent Application

Building and Resource Consents Acceptance and Processing Times over the Christmas/ New Year Period

During the processing stage, the Building Consent application may need to be seen by several teams within Council and possibly outside agencies.

These teams consist of:

  • Assets – Roading, Water and Sewage connection requirements
  • Planning – Resource Consent and District Plan requirements and
  • Environmental Health, NZ Fire Service (DRU), Engineers.

Note: You have the ability to amend the plans and specifications of the Building Consent application whilst being processed.

Once the Building Consent is granted and you wish to make an amendment(s), you will need to complete the Building Consent/PIM Application Form. This application is processed the same as a normal Building Consent.

Vetting the Building Consent Application

All applications received by the Council will go through a vetting assessment.

The vetting assessment is to ensure all relevant information required for processing by the Building Officer is attached. Within 2 working days of receiving the application it will be vetted. If the consent is confirmed as being complete with all information provided, it will be accepted and the 20 working day clock will start.

If the application does not pass the vetting stage it is sent back to the Property Owner/Agent with a letter advising what information is required.

Frequent examples where an application is returned:

  • Letter from the Property Owner giving authority to the Agent not attached
  • Roof truss design certificate, layout and fixing details from a registered truss designer not included
  • Engineers calculations/details for a specific design component missing
  • Waste water design from a suitably qualified environmental engineer not attached
  • Bracing calculations of the layout been omitted
  • Flue and flashing details, location of smoke alarms and fire specifications missing
  • Copy of the Compliance Schedule not attached and/or the Compliance Schedule section in the application form not filled in

Suspending the Building Consent Application

Further information may be required. If this is the case, a letter will be sent to the Property Owner and/or Agent identifying what information is required. The Building Consent application will be suspended until information is received.

Suspension of the Building Consent application will stop the 20 working day clock. The clock will recommence once all relevant information is received by Council.


A deposit is required when the Building Consent application is received by Council. The full cost of the Building Consent is charged on the actual time taken for processing and the inspection and levies required.

Once the Building Consent is granted, an itemised invoice will be provided.

For Building Consent Fees please refer to the Building Consent Current Fees and Charges sheet - they can also be found within the Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Granting and Issuing the Building Consent

Once the Building Consent is granted and no further costs owing, the Building Consent will be issued and sent directly to the Property Owner or Authorised Agent.

A building consent will lapse if work has not commenced within 12 months of the issue date, and Council is obliged to make a decision on issuing a Code Compliance Certificate within 24 months of the issue date. The Council will send a reminder letter to you prior to the end of the 12 and 24 month period.

If you are unable to start or complete the building work by these periods, you can apply in writing for an extension of time.

The Building Consent will contain:

  • Building Consent Certificate, which outlines what conditions are to be met and what information is to be supplied when applying for a Code Compliance Certificate
  • An Owners Site Inspection form, which will identify what stages inspections are required
  • A Code Compliance application form, and
  • The approved plans and specifications for building work

NOTE: Other documents such as a Addenda, Certificate of Public Use and/or a Section Certificate(s) may be attached to the Building Consent.

What happens if you wish to make changes to the Issued Building Consent?

Changes can only be made prior to the issuing of the Code Compliance Certificate. Once the Code Compliance Certificate is issued, no variation or an amendment to the Building Consent can occur.

All proposed changes should be discussed with Council. There are two options available, an Amendment to the Building Consent or a Minor Variation.

Amendment to the Building Consent

An Amendment to the Building Consent is required when the changes affect the footprint of the building, location of internal load bearing supports or fire safety aspects.

To apply for an amendment, the Amendment to the Building Consent application form will need to be completed. The application will be vetted and processed the same as a normal Building Consent application.

Minor Variation

A Minor Variation is when a minor modification, addition or variation to a Building Consent does not deviate significantly from the plans and specifications.

Listed below are some examples:

  • Substituting comparable products i.e. (Substituting one internal lining for a similar internal lining)
  • Minor wall bracing changes
  • A minor construction change i.e. (changing the framing method used around a window)
  • Changing a rooms layout

If the work meets the requirements of Minor Variations, the Council will note on the issued Building Consent the agreed changes. No formal application is required.