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District Licensing Committee Members

Temporary Note

Members required for Rangitīkei District Council's District Licensing Committee

The term of the current District Licensing Committee expires on 31 January 2023. The Rangitīkei District Council is seeking expressions of interest from members of the community who are interested in becoming members of the District Licensing Committee from 1 February 2023 to 31 January 2026.

The Committee is responsible for making decisions on alcohol licensing applications throughout the Rangitīkei.

We are looking for people in the community who have a wide range of expertise and skills including:

  • An understanding of the community and its expectations around alcohol licensing.
  • Highly developed investigative and decision-making skills, together with strong communication abilities.
  • Understanding and application of legislation.
  • Knowledge of the Sale and Supply of Liquor Act 2012 and alcohol related harm.

Members of the current Committee are eligible to apply.

However, the government has prescribed some exclusions. You are not eligible to be a member of the Committee if you have any involvement (or the appearance of involvement) in the alcohol industry. Members of the Police, Medical officer of Health, inspectors or employees of Council are ineligible.

Information on the role and skills required is available in the ‘Competency Guidance for District Licensing Committee (DLC) Members’ available online at ALC-Competency-Guidance-for-DLC-Members-June-13.pdf (

If you are interested in becoming a member of the District Licensing Committee, please see position description and application form below or email Rochelle Baird at or phone 06 327 0099 or 0800 422 522 for more information.

This information and copies of the Committee’s Annual Reports, is available on the Council’s website - Alcohol and Regulatory Licensing Authority Reports: Rangitikei District Council.

Please note: Expressions of Interest close 15 December 2022

The purpose of the District Licensing Committee (DLC) is to consider and determine contested applications made under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, 2012.

The commissioner of the committee may determine uncontested license and manager certificate applications and renewal applications alone while contested applications and other application types must be heard by the full committee.

The following individuals have been appointed to the DLC for the 1 February to 31 January 2023 tenure.

CommissionerStuart Hylton
Deputy ChairMayor Andy Watson
MemberJudy Klue
MemberChalky Leary
MemberColin Mower
MemberGraeme Platt

The committee considers and determines contested applications for:

  • new and renewed licences and manager’s certificates
  • variation of licences
  • temporary authorities and special licences.

The Committee may also be required to:

  • conduct inquiries and make reports required of it by the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA)
  • consider suspension or variation of special licences
  • undertake any other functions conferred on the DLC under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, 2012.

The specific functions, powers and duties of the committee are contained in Subpart 6 of the Act.