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Building New - Choosing the right site

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right site for your venture. For example what access and services availability the site has and does the Certificate of Title highlight any restrictions? The Rangitikei District Plan will identify the zone that properties falls into. It will be easier to establish a commercial business in the commercial zone than in the residential zone.

Each zone also has their own specific rules, further information relating to each zone can be found in the District Plan or discussed with your Business Support Manager

Change of Use

Something else you may need to consider might include various consents, licenses and permissions needed to get your building or property up to current standards suitable for your type of business. Building and/or resource consents may need to be obtained or possibly a Change of Use or upgrades to meet the new health and safety standards.

Servicing the Site

Approved water supply, storm water disposal and sewage systems are generally needed for all business activities. For a food premise a grease-trap may be required. Before you begin construction you should check with Council if there are existing connections. Bear in mind that some existing infrastructure may not be adequate for the job you want it to perform, for example the pressure and flow of the water supply. Connection costs are another factor to consider before you start. If you require a new connection to the networks or a disconnection of existing services, an application to Council needs to be made. Services that Council do not control include electricity, power, phone and data. All of these are available through independent providers.

Water Supply

Not all properties in the district have access to Council’s water reticulation network. If this is the case an alternative water supply, such as a water tank, is needed. This supply will need to meet the requirements of the Building Act and will be specified in your building consent. During the construction phase a supply of drinkable water and on-site waste disposal must be provided. You will find comprehensive information regarding Water supply in the Rangitikei District Council Water Related Services bylaw.

Sewage Disposal

Hygienic waste disposal must be provided for buildings fitted with toilets and other plumbing. If wastewater services are not available at the property alternative on-site wastewater systems, such as a septic tank, will be needed. This will need to meet the requirements of the Building Act in conjunction with Regional Council and will be specified in your building consent.

Storm water Management

To avoid problems with flooding, storm water from your building and property must be managed. Within an urban area you may have to apply for a storm water connection from the Council. Soak holes are the usual method for on-site management. This will need to meet the requirements of the Building Act and will be specified in your building consent.

Project Information Package

Once you have a good idea about your proposed business, Council can provide all of the relevant regulatory information in a Project Information Package. The sort of information it includes is:

  • What the Wind and Snow loading zone is.
  • If there are any known or recorded buried services like water, storm water or wastewater on the site and where they are.
  • The relevant District Plan rules for the site, including zoning, heritage, waahi tapu (sacred sites), transportation, general standards and natural hazards.
  • Identify vehicle access requirements.
  • The details of all applications and approvals, consents and licenses needed for your development.
  • Food regulations.
  • Bylaws that may be applicable.