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Other Business Support

The Rangitikei District Council recognises the varying ways in which different businesses add value to the region, and aims to help new and existing business in tangible ways. Under the Rangitikei District Council ‘Rates Remission Policy’, incentives can be awarded to new and expanding businesses. There are ten specific objectives and criteria under this policy.

Rates Remission Policy

Furthermore, the Rangitikei District Council has the ability to waiver or reduce the consent costs if a new or existing business meets the criteria.

Policy on Reducing or Waiving fees for Internal Consent Costs

The Rangitikei District is spoilt for high quality support agencies and networks to help you, no matter what stage of business you are at. Due to our geographical position we are fortunate to benefit from involvement with both the Manawatu and Whanganui agencies and networks.

Agencies set up to help your business succeed include:

Whanganui and Partners

Whanganui’s economic development agency, Whanganui and Partners mission is to lead and drive opportunity through business, education, and lifestyle.

They promote Whanganui as a destination to live, visit, work, study and invest. Their activities include supporting new and existing businesses, bringing events to Whanganui and providing the latest economic data, analysis and commentary on the Whanganui district.

There are many ways in which Whanganui and Partners can assist your business. More details are provided on their business section of the website.

179 St Hill Street

T: +64 6 349 3119

Manawatu Chamber of Commerce and Whanganui Chamber of Commerce

Whether you’re just getting started in business, taking your enterprise to the next level or going global with your product or service, the right connection, support and advice will fast-track your success. By joining the Chamber of Commerce you’ll have access to network events, business savings and business support and advice that will give you a solid platform from which to grow your business.

Manawatu Phone: 06 213 9877

Whanganui Phone: 06 345 0080

Digital Connections

Fibre connection is an important factor for business. We are working with providers to ensure the Rangitikei is connected to the fastest internet available. To learn more read our Digital Enablement Plan.

Community Groups that Support Business

Below are links to Rangitikei groups that support community and businesses, and organize Business After 5 (BA5) networking meetings.

Helpful Websites

Below are links general websites that may have useful information for you.


Infometrics is a company that helps its clients make sense of economic problems and provides industry, regional and general economic analysis and forecasts that can assist business in making their planning, policy and strategic decisions. They assist their clients in understanding the economic forces which affect their businesses or organisations.

New Zealand Fire Service

The New Zealand Fire Service offers a great resource to business by assisting with evacuation schemes, fire alarm connection, fire safety advise for the work place and building owners with fire safety requirements. The Building Act 2004 requires Building Consent Authorities to send certain building consent applications to the NZ Fire Service for comment. The engineering department unit of the Fire Service will review the consent and provide a memorandum back to the Building Consent Authority.

This webpage is not all inclusive, for further information and help make an appointment to meet one of our friendly Business Support Managers to talk about your exciting future.

We look forward to working with you to bring your future aspirations to fruition in the Rangitikei!