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Stick to the Rules

You’ve done the first step by getting all your final approvals before you open your doors. But depending on your business or the conditions of your resource consents some of those approvals need periodic renewal.

Your Business Support Manager will be able to help you identify the necessary approvals you need or specific conditions that will require monitoring.

Some of those approvals that need renewing are:

  • Alcohol License
  • Food premises registrations
  • Hairdressing registrations
  • Building Warrant of Fitness
  • Registrations issued under the Health Act e.g. Funeral Parlour, Hairdresser, Offensive Trade etc.

Resource consent monitoring

Council may grant resource consent with specific conditions that require monitoring. The monitoring incurs a cost to the applicant. Some of these conditions include:

  • Maximum noise
  • Hours of operation

Rubbish Collection and Recycling

Once you’ve moved into your property, make sure you have a plan for your rubbish and recycling. Council does not provide kerb side rubbish collection, however there are two businesses that offer the service. Red and yellow bags can be purchased from all supermarkets and a number of participating dairy’s in the district. Rubbish will be collected when in an official red or yellow bag, put on the kerb on the correct day for your area. Further information collection days and Waste Transfer Stations is available on Councils website page Rubbish & Recycling.