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Community and Reserve Management Committees

Community Committee

Our Community Committees provide a local link and point of contact for Council liaison with the community. We have four community committees in the District.

  • Bulls Community Committee
  • Hunterville Community Committee
  • Marton Community Committee
  • Turakina Community Committee

There are seven to ten members, and one Councillor from the ward that the committee resides in. Members to community committees are elected by residents on the most recent District electoral roll, who live within the ward that the principal town that the community committee represents, anyone nominating someone or being nominated must reside within that area.

Their roles and responsibilities can be viewed in the Community Committees Purpose Statement.

Domain/Reserve Committee

Our Domain/Reserve Committees act as caregivers of these areas and progress their development through a range of projects. Council has one reserve management committee and one domain management committee. These are:

  • McIntyre Reserve Management Committee
  • Santoft Domain Management Committee

There are six to eight members as well as one Councillor from the ward that the committee resides in.

To find out more about what goes on in these meetings and look at previous order papers from different community committees please visit Meetings - Council & Committees.