Long Term & Annual Plans

The Long Term Plan provides a ten year planning framework for the services that Council provides to the residents of the Rangitikei.

Rangitikei’s Plan for the District is Unfolded

Rangitikei District Council recently released its consultation document “Unfolding the Plan”. This Plan outlines the important issues Council faces over the next 10 years, where rates are being spent and gives our community the opportunity to tell us what you would like Council to do.

Mayor Andy Watson says “the proposed average rate increase is only 3.7% even though Council has some major projects coming up. The total planned expenditure on capital projects, over the next 10 years, is $174 million. We need to upgrade our wastewater plants in Bulls, Marton, Ratana and Taihape. This is essential for these communities. The Mangaweka Bridge is programmed to be replaced over the next three years too, this is a joint project with Manawatu District Council and the New Zealand Transport Agency.”

Three key choices are outlined in the consultation document, these are; whether our urban communities want Council to provide a recycling service (or alternatively a rubbish and recycling service); Council has committed $200,000 towards Economic Development for each of the next 10 years – we want to hear from our community how they think this money is best spent to make sure Rangitikei continues to grow for our next generations; the third option is around the provision of a voluntary target rate for home insulation for low income families.

Full details on all these proposals and an update on what else Council has been working on is in our consultation document, or you can phone in on 0800 422 522 and ask for a copy to be sent to you.

“I encourage everyone in our District to look at our consultation document and make a submission to Council. This is our Plan for the next 10 years and it’s important you have your say.” Says Mayor Andy

Submissions close on Friday, 4 May.

Public meetings are being held across the District, details on dates, times and the locations of these meeting are on Council’s website.