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Small Projects Fund

The purpose of this fund is to assist entities with the purchase of small items or additional services which are not included in Council’s operating budgets and which will benefit the local community. Examples would be signage, park furniture, plants, paint, a leaflet or other publication or an event, including implementing community-led initiatives.

This fund is awarded by your Community Committee/Board.

  • Bulls Community Committee
  • Hunterville Community Committee
  • Marton Community Committee
  • Turakina Community Committee
  • Taihape Community Board

Applications are normally expected to be for the benefit of the whole Community (not for individuals or small groups e.g., only club members). More than one application can be submitted in any financial year.

Applications cannot be for:

  • Provision of training or conference attendance.
  • Additional payment(s) for goods or services subject to a contract with Rangitikei Council.
  • Amounts which exceed the Committee’s annual allocation.

If you have any queries regarding this fund please contact you local committee member or phone the Council on 0800 422 522 or email

Marton Community Committee

Marton Community Committee Small Projects / Grants Fund.