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Rates Remission Policy 2022 (Consultation Closed)

Submissions close at 5pm on 9 May 2022

During the submission process an error was identified with the dates proposed in the revised Rates Remission Policy 2022. The dates on page 11 should be:

  • A building consent has been issued by 30 June 2023 (not 2022)
  • The building construction is complete and a Code Compliance Certificate has been issued by Council inspection no later than 31 December 2024 (not 2023)

For all other locations, the remission for residential subdivision for residential purposes only applies where the resource consent has been granted before 30 June 2023 (not 2022).

We apologise for this error and any confusion this may have caused.

Rates Remission Policy for Māori Freehold Land 2022 (Consultation Closed)

Submissions close at 5pm on 9 May 2022

Schedule of Fees and Charges 2022/23 (Consultation Closed)

Submissions close at 5pm on 9 May 2022

Pae Tawhiti Rangitīkei Beyond

Community engagement has now closed.

The plan will lay the groundwork for the District Plan Review in 2023, which will set the development direction of Rangitīkei through to 2050 and beyond.

Bulls Reservoir and Water Tower Artwork

Bulls Community Committee and Rangitīkei District Council are collaborating on a project to make artistic improvements to the Bulls Reservoir and Bulls Water Tower.

We are wanting to understand community support for this project and how we can best engage with the community for the next stage of work.

Representation Review

The Local Government Commission has upheld the final proposal based on the information provided.

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