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Representation Review for the 2019 Elections

Council is required to undertake a representation review once every six years. The review is important for ensuring effective and fair representation of the District’s communities. The initial proposal includes – the number of elected members, the ward structure, community boards.


Proposed number of elected members

  • 11 councillors (plus the Mayor)

Proposed Wards

  • Northern (3 elected members) – Taihape, Mangaweka, Utiku, Ohingaiti, Mataroa, Moawhango
  • Central (5 elected members) – Marton, Hunterville
  • Southern (3 elected members) – Scotts Ferry, Bulls, Turakina, Ratana, Koitiata, Kauangaroa

The population that each member will represent is as follows:

(2017 Estimates)
per Member
Northern Ward3,70031,233
Central Ward7.41051,482
Southern Ward3,89031,297

Proposed Community Boards

  • Taihape – whole ward. With four members elected and two members appointed (rotated around the three Norther Ward councillors).
  • Ratana – existing Ratana Community Board area. With four members elected and one member appointed (one of the Southern Ward councillors).

Have your say

Written submissions from the community are open until 9am 17 September 2018 - Now Closed.

Parties who make a written submission may also make an oral submission. Oral submissions are scheduled for 27 September 2018 at the Council Chambers in Marton. You need to indicate on your submission form if you wish to speak to your submission.

Council will decide on its final proposal at its 18 October 2018 meeting and will notify the community of its decision after that time.

If you have any questions please contact the Policy Team on 06 327 0099

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