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Annual Plan 2023/24

On 22 June 2023, Council adopted the Annual Plan 2023/24.

The Annual Plan sets out the Council’s plans and budget for 2023/24. It identifies any changes from what was planned in our Long Term Plan and explains the why the changes have been made.

The Annual Plan is available here:

Council consulted on the Annual Plan from 23 March to 25 April 2023.
Submitters were able to speak to Council about their feedback on 11-12 May, with Hearings sessions in Taihape and Marton.

Council made decisions on changes to the annual plan based on community feedback on 1 June.

Useful Links:

Framing 2023/24 Consultation Document

Submissions vol 1

Submissions vol 2

Submissions vol 3

Submissions vol 4

Council response to submissions:

Officer Responses for Submitter Letters