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Mokai Bridge Bungy Jumping Bylaw 2013

  1. TITLE

    1. This bylaw shall be known as the Rangitikei District Council Mokai Bridge Bungy Jumping Bylaw 2013.

    1. This Bylaw shall come into force on 7 October 2013.

    1. The purpose of this bylaw is to ensure sufficient authority for an operator to use Mokai Bridge.

    1. For the purposes of this bylaw, unless inconsistent with the context, the following definitions apply:
      • “Bridge” Mokai Bridge
      • “Council” Rangitikei District Council

    1. The Rangitikei District Council hereby authorises an operator to use the Mokai Bridge and the road immediately adjoining that bridge to the extent required for the activity of bungy-jumping and any other associated or related or similar recreational or tourist activities (hereinafter referred to as the “the activity”), and to construct such platform(s) or other structure(s) that may be required under the bridge for the purposes of the carrying out of the activity, provided that:
      1. any such operator must have obtained, prior to the commencement of the activity, all requisite statutory consents and approvals whatsoever required; and
      2. has entered into a licence to so use and occupy the bridge and the adjoining road to the extent required and defined in the Licence to Occupy, that licence to be granted on such terms and conditions as the Council or duly authorised officer of the Council thinks fit.