Cultural Diversity

80.6% of people in the Rangitikei District belong to the European ethnic group, compared with 74 % for New Zealand as a whole.

24.3% of people in the Rangitikei belong to the Maori ethnic group, compared with 14.9% for all of New Zealand.

Pacific peoples make up 3.9% of the Rangitikei population, compared with 7.4% nationally.

1.6% of people are Asian compared to 11.8% nationally.

Less than 1% of the Rangitikei identify as Middle Eastern, Latin American and African.

(Figures courtesy of 2013 Census Stats NZ-Home-2013 Census-Profile and Summary - Rangitikei)

* Ethnic group 1 (European) may include people who identified with more than one ethnic group.

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