Covid-19 Alert Level 4. STAY AT HOME. SAVE LIVES!

We are at Level 4 of New Zealand’s four-level COVID-19 alert system. It is likely Level 4 measures will stay in place for a number of weeks.

For everything you need to know and updates visit Unite against COVID-19

A dedicated welfare helpline to assist with local access to household goods and services such as food, water, clothing and bedding is now available. Freephone 0800 725 678 - 7am until 7pm, seven days a week. This service is for people not able to make arrangements through their own support networks.

Essential services will continue. Latest District-wide information available at Covid-19 Information.

Herbicide Spraying

The Rangitikei District Council will be carrying out weed and pesticide control on parks, reserves, roadways and gardens commencing 20 March to 20 September 2016, throughout the district.

Spraying may also be done on specific sports grounds for the control of broadleaf weeds during this period.
Spraying will only be undertaken by growsafe or registered chemical applicators.
Members of the public must adhere to the warning signs, which will be placed on roads and park entrances in the vicinity of the control operations. Spraying will occur between the hours of 6.00am to 6.00pm on normal work days and will be only undertaken when weather conditions are suitable.
If you do not wish to have your roadside included in the weed spraying programme you may phone the Rangitikei District Council, before spraying commences, and register your details.
For more information or to be put on the “No Spray Register”, please Contact Us.