Latest Marton Water Reservoir Information

Marton Water Reservoir Storage Capacity

We need the Marton community to conserve water where possible to avoid our treated water storage running low. We expect the situation will improve over the next two to three weeks.

Marton Hall for Hire


  • 500 Total

    Fees & Charges

    Application Forms

    Select the application pack related to the type of event (Alcohol or No Alcohol) and the number of people attending.

    • Application Pack A
      Use this form if there will be less than 50 people attending and no alcohol is to be consumed.
    • Application Pack B
      Use this form if any one of the following apply:
      1. There are more than 50 people attending AND no alcohol will be consumed
      2. Alcohol is free* or BYO

    * free does not mean alcohol is included in the ticket price
    ** includes alcohol included in the ticket price

    This table shows the same information another way:

    No. of PeopleNoneBYO/freeFor Sale
    Less than 50Pack APack BPack C
    More than 50Pack BPack BPack C

    Special Licence Application Form


    397 Wellington Road, Marton

    Marton Memorial Hall

    Marton Memorial Hall

    Inside Marton Memorial Hall

    Inside Marton Memorial Hall

    Marton Memorial Hall Kitchen

    Marton Memorial Hall Kitchen