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Community Feedback - Proposed amendment to the Rates Remission Policy to include incentives for business expansion

August 11, 2015

Council wishes to seek the views of the community on the proposed amendment to the Rates Remission Policy to include incentives for business expansion. Specifically:

  • Is the draft policy clear and easy to understand?
  • Is the proposed approach appropriate?
  • Are the identified attributes for assessing remissions valid?
  • Are there any other attributes that Council should consider?
  • Is the weighting applied to the attributes appropriate?


Council recognises the value that the District’s businesses provide in terms of local employment and services. For some years, Council has provided limited rates remission for new, non-competing businesses that are establishing in the District. However, continuity for many businesses requires growth and expansion. Council now wishes to recognises this through extending limited rates remission to businesses in the District which are

  • extending their buildings;
  • increasing their permanent staff count; and/or
  • investing in technology or equipment to increase their efficiency and/or market reach.

It is intended that this policy would apply to any type of business enterprise – expansion of a farming enterprise is potentially as eligible for consideration as expansion of clothing retailer. Equally, local ownership and management is not a pre-requisite for eligibility (but it is an attribute taken into account when Council considers an application for remission).

Council is proposing that businesses which meet these criteria may apply in writing to the Chief Executive at any time. Council will then consider each application having regard for attributes which include employment opportunities, significance of the business to the local economy and the local community, the sustainability of the business development and technological leadership. No rates remission will be granted to an application which scores fewer than 5 unweighted points for the two attributes of high significance.

Further Information

Proposed Amendment to Council's Rates Remission Policy

The draft Policy is available above or from the Marton, Bulls and Taihape Libraries and the Council Office in Marton. You may ask for a copy to be sent to you by calling 0800 422 522.


Comments on the draft policy are invited until noon Wednesday 30 September 2015. Written comments may be:

Posted to:

Rangitikei District Council

Attn: Priscilla Jeffrey

46 High Street, Private Bag 1102,

Marton 4741

emailed to: or dropped into the Marton, Bulls or Taihape Libraries or Marton Council Offices.

If you have any questions or would like to make any verbal comments about the Policy please contact Priscilla Jeffrey, on 06 327 0099 or 0800 422 522.

Ross McNeil