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  • Public Notice: Right to Demand a Poll on Local Electoral System September 13, 2017

    The electors of the Rangitikei District Council have the right to demand a poll on the electoral system to be used for the elections of the Rangitikei District Council and its community boards. If a valid demand for a poll is received by 21 February 2018, the poll will be held not later than 21 May 2018, and will have effect for the 2019 and 2022 triennial general elections.

  • Public Notice: Proposed Name Change of Inland Road August 31, 2017

    Council has received a request to change the name of Inland Road to ‘Keith Law Road’. The request has been made in the memory of Keith Law who was the Chairman of the Board of Directors and a shareholder of Te Rangi Pai Forest Ltd, which is located on Inland Road.

  • Public Notice: Water Issues in Central Marton - ​29 August 2017 August 29, 2017

    A water mains in the Kensington Road area blew out overnight, which may affect Marton water - you may notice discolouration and should flush your cold taps - inside and outside. Our staff have been out most of the night fixing the mains, but the water will be discoloured until all areas have been flushed. If you have any concerns please ring the Council on 327 0099 or 0800 422 522.

  • News Release: Horizons Region to Receive over $5.84 Million for Freshwater Improvements August 09, 2017

    Great news for Rangitikei with two significant projects receiving money from the freshwater improvement fund.Whangaehu freshwater improvement project and the Lake Waipu project at RatanaMedia Release

  • Public Notice: Heavy Rain - Update Wednesday 2nd August 2017 August 01, 2017

    We have experienced fairly heavy rain - Council staff and contractors are out and about sorting the areas that have experienced surface flooding. We don't expect the weather to deteriorate further. Please drive to the conditions. If you have any problems please call us: 0800 422 522.

  • Public Notice: ​Consultation – RMA Fees and Charges August 01, 2017

    Recent amendments to the Resource Management Act 1991 have created additional activities which require associated charges. The proposed fees are a deposit, with the total cost of processing the application determined following at the end of the process. It is proposed that the existing hourly rates specified in the schedule of fees and charges are used.

  • Public Notice: July 2017 Storms - EQC Factsheet July 21, 2017

    The storm danger has now passed. Click through for an EQC factsheet with information about EQC's role in providing natural disaster insurance for homes, land, and contents damaged in July's storm event.

  • Public Notice: Changes to Fire-Related Bylaws July 19, 2017

    The Fire Prevention Bylaw 2014 was revoked on 29 June 2017. It has been revoked as fire-related matters are now under the authority of Fire and Emergency New Zealand. Additionally, the restriction for the lighting of fires is now under the authority of Fire and Emergency New Zealand. This amendment took immediate effect.

  • Public Notice: Update on Weather Event Wednesday 19th July July 18, 2017

    Unfortunately this weather event is still having an impact on some of our Rangitikei Roads.Taihape Napier Rd and Potaka Rd now open. Read More... for roads that are down to one lane by slips and trees. Please continue to drive to the conditions.

  • Public Notice: Draft Traffic and Parking Bylaw July 17, 2017

    ​Council has drafted a Bylaw which would provide it with powers to address parking and traffic issues such as people exceeding parking restrictions, parking in loading zones and parking unwarranted/registered cars on the sides of roads.

  • Public Notice: Update on Weather Event - Monday 17th July July 17, 2017

    Unfortunately this weather event is still having an impact on some of our Rangitikei Roads. Roads that are closed - Taihape Napier Rd will remain closed for Monday and re assessed Tuesday Morning (snow), Potaka Rd (slips and trees). Read More... for roads that are down to one lane by slips and trees..

  • Public Notice: Urgent Notice - Mangaweka Water, Taihape - Napier Road Closed All Day Sunday July 16, 2017

    Urgent notice to Mangaweka residents - please conserve water - as there is still no power in your area, the water tanker can't cope with the amount of water being taken, so until further notice please conserve water use - Council staff are working on alternatives. Taihape - Napier Road is closed all day due to frost over night.

  • News Release: Melting snow causes river levels to rise in Turakina July 14, 2017

    Residents on Turakina Valley Road and Turakina Beach Road, near O'Neils Bridge, have been given a pre-cautionary message by Civil Defence personnel that the Turakina River could rise this evening, with the peak predicted by Horizons hydrology staff to be around 8.5 meters around 9pm tonight.

  • Public Notice: Sports Ground Closures July 14, 2017

    Most sports grounds in the Rangitikei are closed this weekend due to the recent weather event: Taihape: Grounds Closed; Hunterville: Grounds Closed; Marton Park: Grounds Closed; Centennial Park: Grounds Closed; Bulls Domain: One game only No1. No2 Open.

  • Public Notice: Power outages in the Rangitikei July 14, 2017

    Powerco have advised that power may be out in some areas until Saturday or beyond. Please call your electricity retailer for updates.

  • Public Notice: Friday: The Taihape office and Information Centre is closed today July 13, 2017

    Friday update: At this stage the Taihape office and Information Centre is closed again today due to snow in Taihape. You can call the Marton office during working hours on 06 327 0099. For the most up-to-date information please check our Facebook page.

  • Public Notice: Taihape Library and Information Centre is closed today July 13, 2017

    The Taihape office and information centre is closed today due to snow

  • Public Notice: Taihape library and information centre is closed - 9:20am Thursday 13 July July 13, 2017

    The Taihape office and information centre is closed today due to snow

  • Public Notice: Marton and Taihape Youth Zones Holiday Programme July 10, 2017

    Think you'll be bored these holidays? Not a chance with these activities planned. Pop on in to the Rangitikei Youth Zones if you are youth aged 13+ (children aged 8+ are welcome if accompanied by an older sibling (14+) or adult.)

  • Public Notice: Residents Survey 2017 July 07, 2017

    Council is very grateful to those people who took the time to respond. The Residents’ Survey serves as a report card for Council provided services and facilities, customer satisfaction and communication. Staff will use the overall results and specific comments to identify areas for improvement. It is another opportunity to ensure the best possible Council services and facilities for people in the Rangitikei District .​

  • Public Notice: Marton Park Community Projects June 28, 2017

    During 2016 the Rangitikei District Council developed a Management Plan for Marton Park to guide future development in the area. Since this time, community groups have been driving a number of projects. View the full article for more details.

  • News Release: April 2017 flood event - Did Your Property Suffer Flooding or Landslip Damage? June 26, 2017

    Information relating to the April 2017 flood event

  • Public Notice: Wondering About Property Valuations? June 24, 2017

    Simon Willocks of Quotable Valuations (QV) is presenting to Council on 29 June 2017 in Council Chambers. Members of the public are invited to attend. The purpose of the presentation is to explain the process that QV takes in valuing land and property throughout New Zealand.