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Smoke Testing Inspection of the Bulls Sewer Network

August 05, 2015

As part of planned Bulls sewer reticulation network improvement work, Rangitikei District Council is now testing the wastewater reticulation network in your area to determine which sewer pipes are in need of repair or renewal.

Starting on 17 August 2015 the Council appointed Contractor City Care Ltd, will be conducting smoke testing and property inspections of public and private sewers. This work will take approximately six weeks.

This will involve a visual inspection of pipes, spouting’s and gully traps inside your property. The smoke is harmless.

At the time of smoke testing, smoke may be visible on the road, around the ground or from external pipes around your house.

City Care Ltd personnel can be identified by wearing City Care work clothing (blue with orange High Visibility vests) showing the City Care logo as shown above. Every worker can present a City Care employee card on request.

For more information please contact branch manager Johan Guy from City Care Ltd on 0275 089 850.

Dan Yakas

Reticulation Team Leader – Utilities, Rangitikei District Council