Priority Areas Earthquake-Prone Buildings Consultation

October 06, 2017

Note: This Public Notice is out of date, and is retained for archival purposes only.

Council has proposed areas in Bulls, Marton, Hunterville and Taihape which it considers have enough vehicular or pedestrian traffic to warrant prioritisation.

Earthquake-prone buildings in priority areas must be identified and remediated in half the time of other earthquake-prone buildings, to reduce the risks to life safety more promptly.

This means that Council must identify potentially earthquake-prone priority buildings for priority areas within 2.5 years, and building owners must strengthen or demolish earthquake-prone priority buildings within 7.5 years after the date the earthquake-prone building notice is issued.

Public meetings

Public meetings will be held in both Marton and Taihape as follows:

  • 6pm Tuesday 17 October, Taihape Council Chambers
  • 6pm Wednesday 18 October, Marton Council Chambers


Written submissions may be made until noon Tuesday 7 November 2017.

Those who make a written submission may also make an oral submission. Oral hearings are scheduled for 9 November 2017 at the Council Chambers in Marton. 

Please indicate on your submission form if you wish to speak to your submission.

Statement of Proposal

Summary of Information

Fact Sheet

Submission Form

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