April 2018 Committee Meetings Updates

April 26, 2018

Turakina – 5 April

The Turakina Community Committee has recently welcomed a new member onto the Committee from Koitiata. The Committee wants to ensure residents from all areas of the Ward are represented on the Committee and are looking for new members to join – particularly from Whangaehu. This month the Committee is working on a submission to “Unfolding the Plan… Rangitikei 2018-28”, Council’s 10 year plan. The Committee plans to submit to Council on issues facing the Turakina Community Committee area.

Bulls – 10 April

The Bulls Community Committee agreed a protocol on the placement of fixed items on Council land. They supported the installation of a bull statue by the Rugby Club building in the Bulls Domain. A bull ‘family’ is being installed at Walker Place. However, placing a bull on Funnell Reserve is not yet resolved as there needs to be agreement with the New Zealand Transport Agency on its location. 

The Committee was updated on the Bulls Community Centre development at Criterion Street. It also received a briefing from the Council’s Parks and Reserves Team Leader about the deteriorating gum tree in Walker Park; the need to remove the hedge by the cenotaph, as it has cottony cushion scale; and the renovation of the No. 1 field on Bulls Domain. 

Ratana – 10 April

The Ratana Community Board was updated on the water supply upgrade and the development of the wastewater treatment plant. Ratana Reserve Trustees were present at the meeting - they advised their desire to take back ownership of the former Fire Station property. The premises are currently used as a community gym. 

Consultation with the community over the proposed extended Ratana playground will take place when the draft plans are available. 

Taihape – 11 April

The Taihape Community Board agreed with the invitation from Council to hear submissions on the proposed lowering of speed on Dixon Way and parts of Mangaone Valley Road and Otaihape Valley Road. The Board will then make a recommendation to Council. The Board agreed that larger planter boxes would be more suitable for the Four Square corner and gave approval for a large picnic table to be purchased for this area. 

Lookout Road signage will be reviewed as it causes confusion for visitors. 

Hunterville – 16 April

The Hunterville Community Committee acknowledged the impressive community volunteer turn out for the working bee in Queens Park, making the area more attractive to locals and visitors alike. The Hunterville Domain is receiving high use and the committee is investigating funding opportunities to install a drinking fountain. Gearing up for the next meeting on 18 June 2018, the Committee is seeking community ideas for an image that will be used in the upcoming rebranded signs for the town. If you have any suggestions or would like to contact the committee please email the Chair, Karen Kennedy on karengail.k@xtra.co.nz.

Marton – 18 April

The Marton Community Committee agreed to fund (from its Small Projects Fund) the purchase of a defibrillator outside the Tutaenui Hall. The Committee also considered how the seating at Wilson Park might be improved, quotes were tabled at the meeting.

The Project Marton Co-ordinator advised that the Project Marton Office will shift from High Street to 18 Humphries Street (by the community garden) on 1 May 2018.