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June 2018 Committee Meetings Updates

April 26, 2018

Update from June 2018 Committee Meetings

Turakina – 7 June

Members of the Turakina Community Committee again assisted with the Anzac Day event at Turakina School. A large crowd gathered to remember those who served New Zealand in WW1, and conflicts since then. People of all ages were present showing that this special day is still significant to New Zealanders. Letters between service people and those at home were a vital link and support for both sides. Leigh McKay, the Principal of Turakina School gave the main address, speaking about the letters her Grandfather, Bill Cornish sent home. Leigh and the family had worked together to prepare this very personal reminiscence about a man who was special to them all. His war story reflected that of many young men. Off on a cruise ship for adventure and excitement which changed to the hell and despair of the realities of war. Bill survived and came home to his family and we were all privileged to share their memories of him.

Mayor Andy Watson spoke of the realities of war for our local men and their families and read the prayer. Flight Sargent Warren Mant (a former Turakina School pupil) spoke on behalf of the Armed Forces. His speech reminded us of the sacrifices made in the past and the hope for peace to be maintained in the future.

We thank the Cornish Family for sharing Bill’s story, Mayor Andy Watson for his contribution to the service, the Cadet Services for the lowering of the flag, the NZ Airforce for their attendance, Turakina School for hosting the ceremony, Turakina Community Committee members for morning tea and organising chairs etc. To local people who turned out in such strong numbers to again support Turakina’s Anzac Service and remember those locals who served, a big thank you.

Hunterville – 18 June

The Hunterville Community Committee approved the application of Project Litefoot, which works with small local sports clubs to help them become electricity independent, water neutral and zero waste. September will be an exciting month with the Committee creating a community drive for Keep New Zealand Beautiful Week. Following the request from the Community Committee, Council is soon to install an impressive drinking fountain near the Dog Statue and Playground, further promoting the wellness of the community and visitors. The next Hunterville Community Committee is 20 August, if you would like to address the committee please contact Karen Kennedy on 06 322 8472.