Nominations for Community, Reserve Management and Domain Management Committees

November 12, 2019

Nominations for the Rangitikei District’s Community Committees and Reserve Management Committees and Domain Management Committee closed at 12.00 noon Thursday 7 November 2019. The results have now been released.

The following valid nominations were received:

Bulls Community Committee: 9

Tyrone Barker
Nigel Bowen
Tricia Falkner
Nicole Harrison
Bruce Dear
Russel Ward
Glenda (Raewyn) Turner
Mathew Holden
Danelle Whakatihi

Marton Community Committee: 8

Belinda Harvey-Larsen
Blair Jamieson
Sophia Smallbone
Philippa Hancock
Lyn Duncan
Carolyn Bates
Jennifer Greener
James Linker

Turakina Community Committee: 9

Linda O'Neill
Anne Rice
Duran Benton
Laurel Mauchline-Campbell
Carol Neilson
Kathleen Bayler
June MacDonald
James Bryant
Tina Duxfield

Hunterville Community Committee: 6

Karen Kennedy
Lynette Thompson
Jane Watson
Mariata Couch
Sandra Carroll
Kelsey Smith

Santoft Domain Management Committee: 6

Sandra McCuan
Heather Thorby
Julie McCormick
Garry Bennett
Murray Spring
Paul Geurtjens

Turakina Reserve Management Committee: 4

Duran Benton
Carol Neilson
Alastair Campbell
Laurel Mauchline Campbell

McIntyre Reserve Management Committee: 1

John McDonald

The Bulls Community Committee, Marton Community Committee, Turakina Community Committee, Hunterville Community Committee, Santoft Domain Management Committee and Turakina Reserve Management Committee are declared as duly formed comprising of the names listed above.

Fewer than four nominations were received for the McIntyre Reserve Management Committee. Council will call a public meeting to seek additional nominations for this Committee.

Inaugural meetings will be held at the beginning of December.

For any queries please contact George Forster, or call 06 327 0943.