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We need the Marton community to conserve water where possible to avoid our treated water storage running low. We expect the situation will improve over the next two to three weeks.

Council’s Update on Putorino Landfill

December 10, 2020

*Update* - 10 December 2020

No further increased risk.

The follow images show no change in the river bank profile from the images taken in July 2020.
Noting visible debris evident at water line in July 2020 remain in place from new photos taken in early December.

Putorino Landfill Updated Web Images 2019

Putorino Landfill 2019

Putorino Landfill Updated Web Images July 3

Putorino Landfill July 2020

Putorino Landfill Updated Web Images July 2

Putorino Landfill July 2020

Putorino Landfill Updated Web Images July 1

Putorino Landfill July 2020

Putorino Landfill Updated Web Images Dec 1

Putorino Landfill December 2020

Putorino Landfill Updated Web Images Dec 2

Putorino Landfill December 2020

Putorino Landfill Updated Web Images Dec 3

Putorino Landfill December 2020

*Update* - 23 November 2020

A consultant for the resource consent and a contractor for the remediation works have been appointed, and Iwi have been consulted with regarding two potential options for protecting the river while the landfill is remediated.

Advice from Iwi is coming in this week ending 27/11/2020, and the resource consent will be lodged with urgency following that.

Works are intended to start as soon as possible in 2021 to maximise the summer period when the river’s flow is at its lowest. The remediation is expected to take 3 months.

The historic Putorino Landfill, closed by 1997, was brought to Rangitīkei District Council’s attention in October 2018 when, due to the Rangitīkei River bank retreating, debris was exposed from the landfill. The landfill was once 300 meters from the river’s edge, but over time the river has eroded the river bank to the point it now impacts the edge of the former landfill site. The landfill site is not actually owned by the Rangitīkei District Council, it was passed onto the District Council from the County Council in 1989; the land is owned by the Crown under the Queens Chain arrangement but the management of the site falls under the responsibility of Rangitīkei District Council.

Since 2018, Rangitīkei District Council have been working with other concerned parties to remedy the situation. When the landfill slip was identified Horizons Regional Council agreed to redirect the river flow path away from the face of the landfill. This work was completed in May 2019. At the same time, Rangitīkei District Council undertook a site assessment to identify options for safe remediation of the old landfill site. “This assessment identified that the majority of the landfill contents was building rubble and steel with a small portion of domestic rubble.” Advises Mayor Andy Watson

Recent media articles show the 2018 video and photographic footage of the Putorino landfill. Last week Council flew a drone to take images of what the landfill looks like now; significant natural vegetation has grown back and the site looks very different than it did in 2018. Debris however still remains, and Rangitīkei District Council, respectful of the potential impact this has on the environment and Māori whakapapa, are urgently and collaboratively working with Horizons Regional Council, Iwi (Ngā Wairiki Ngāti Apa and Ngāti Hauiti) and contractors on ways to safely remediate the site, remove residual material and to avoid discharges to the environment.

Putorino Landfill Web Images1

Image 1 – Aerial view of former landfill site

Putorino Landfill Web Images2

Image 2 - View of river edge, noting concrete and other debris.

Putorino Landfill Web Images3

Image 3 – Plan of former landfill compared with changing flow of river

*Update* - 15 January 2021

Remediation to begin.

On Monday 18 January 2021 our contractor, Central Demolition, will begin establishing their worksite for remediation of Putorino Landfill.

The first three weeks will involve moving their plant and equipment to site on Putorino Road, installing site offices, erecting fencing and implementing other safety precautions.

Once the resource consent applications are approved, sheet piling will be installed to protect the river and cliff face while the landfill material is excavated, tested, sorted and transported for disposal. We are expecting the resource consents to be granted on 9 February 2021.

The remediation is expected to be completed at the end of April 2021.