Important Notice to Taihape Residents re Rubbish Bag Collection

January 09, 2020

You have until the 15th of January 2020 to swap your yellow rubbish bags at New World in Taihape, for the new black rubbish bags, provided by Rangitikei Wheelie Bins.

We realise some residents may have already started putting rubbish into their yellow rubbish bags, so they will be collected from the roadside this Friday (10th January) only.

From 11th January 2020 onwards no yellow rubbish bags will be collected from the roadside.

You can take the yellow rubbish bags to the Taihape Transfer station free of charge, until the end of January, 2020.

Taihape residents wanting to use rubbish bags must either swap their existing yellow rubbish bags for black rubbish bags or purchase the issued black rubbish bags at New World in Taihape.

There is still the option of the wheelie bin service provided by both Envirowaste or Rangitikei Wheelie Bins.