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Marton Water Reservoir Storage Capacity

We need the Marton community to conserve water where possible to avoid our treated water storage running low. We expect the situation will improve over the next two to three weeks.

Interior of Council’s Building on Broadway / High Street, Marton extensively vandalised

November 13, 2020

Mr Peter Beggs, Chief Executive, said “it was very disappointing that the inside of one of the heritage buildings Council owns on the corner of Broadway / High Street in Marton was ‘trashed’ by a group of students who decided to hold a party inside this building. The use of the building was without Council’s permission, and created considerable damage to the interior walls, glass and mirrors, some of which were thought to be part of the original heritage structure. We are unsure how the students gained access to the building, but locks have now been changed and security increased. We are working with local schools and the Police on this matter.”

The damage done internally to the building is extensive and any repair will come at extra cost to the Council.