Covid-19 Alert Level 4. STAY AT HOME!

We are at Level 4 of New Zealand’s four-level COVID-19 alert system. It is likely Level 4 measures will stay in place for a number of weeks. Essential services, such as water operations, waste, supermarkets, petrol station etc. will continue. For District-wide information visit our Covid-19 Information page.

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Marton Water Reservoir (the concrete water storage tank) Update - Monday 17 February

February 17, 2020

Marton Water Reservoirs level is 87% today.

This is above restriction levels, but due to little rain over the past few weeks, the Marton Water Dam levels are low. These dams feed the Water Treatment Plant where cleaned water is stored in the town reservoir before supplying the Marton town with water. We monitor the Reservoir level as this is the treated (cleaned) water available for use.

We will continue to keep Level One Water Restrictions in place for Marton town water supply residents only until further notice.

Restrictions are:
Level 1
- When the level at the town reservoir falls below 50% we will impose water restrictions, only allowing handheld hose watering of gardens between 4pm and 8pm, daily. There will be a complete ban on the use of sprinklers at any time of the day.

We encourage all Marton residents to conserve water. Let's reduce our use of water - Slow the flow, use less H20.

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Water Restriction Level 1 Web News Image