Latest Marton Water Reservoir Information

Marton Water Reservoir Storage Capacity

We need the Marton community to conserve water where possible to avoid our treated water storage running low. We expect the situation will improve over the next two to three weeks.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

November 06, 2020

Te Rūnanga o Nga Wairiki - Ngati Apa and the Rangitīkei District Council have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as a foundation document for the ongoing collaborative, respectful and dynamic relationship for the benefit of both organisations and the people they serve.

The commitment expressed through this signing is to have an open and strong relationship, working together in good faith to advance the interests of the Rangitīkei District and those that call it home. The MoU gives definition and provides context to the multifaceted relationship, some of which links to legislative and regulatory requirements, but much of which is dependent entirely on the good will and strategic intent of Te Rūnanga and Council leadership.

Of particular significance is that the MoU assists the relationship to continue to develop and strengthen into the future, particularly as leadership changes in each organisation.

Council Mou with Nga wairiki Ngati apa

From left: Rangitīkei District Council CE Peter Beggs, Te Rūnanga o Nga Wairiki - Ngati Apa CE Grant Huwyler and Rangitīkei District Mayor Andy Watson