Bulls Residents and Businesses asked to Conserve Water

March 25, 2021


2.45pm - 25 March 2021

The water pipe is now fixed but as the water levels at the Bulls reservoir is low, the request to conserve water will remain in place until tomorrow morning - Friday 26 March.


11.55am - 25 March 2021

Contractors are on site, it is expected the repair will be completed later this afternoon. We want to thank everyone for their efforts in reducing the amount of water they are using and ask they continue to do this until the repair has been completed and water levels recover at the Plant.

This morning, Thursday 25 March a water pipe burst on State Highway 3 at the south end of Bulls – contractors are on site. Residents and businesses are asked to conserve water while the pipe is being repaired and water levels restored.

An update will be provide when we have more information.