Hunterville Area Road Damage and Closures

December 14, 2021

A number of roads in the Hunterville area have been damaged by heavy rainfall. Road works crews are on site removing slips and reinstating the road surfaces.

Mangahoe Road
CLOSED as a through route. The road is open for local access, however many areas are suitable for 4 wheel drive traffic only.

Mt Curl Road
CLOSED as a through route. The road has been closed due to a land slip at Property Number 264, Lourie’s Farm.

Ongo Road, Turakina Valley Road between Ongo Road and Okaka Road (Papanui Junctions), Kie Kie Road, Murimotu Road, Mangarere Road, Te Houhou Road, Otara Road
EXTREME CARE must be taken when using the above roads.

Please plan your journey accordingly to avoid delays and stay safe on our roads. If you see any issues that Council may need to be made aware please fill in our Report It Form or phone 0800 422 522.