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Land and Marine Warning for the East and West Coast of our Region

March 05, 2021

UPDATE: Tsunami risk lifted

At 13:19 NEMA lifted the Tsunami land inundation threat to New Zealand. The National advisory message for strong and unusual currents and unpredictable surges remains in force.

Following recent earthquake we have been advised there may be strong and unusual currents, and unpredictable surges near our shores.

Strong and unusual current and unpredictable surges near the shore are expected in the following areas.

This means a threat to beach, harbour, estuary and small boat activities. The West Coast of the North Island from Ahipara to Makara including the West Coast of Auckland, Manukau Harbour, New Plymouth, WHANGANUI and the Kapiti Coast.The East Coast of the North Island from Whangarei to Matata including Whangarei, the East Coast of Auckland, Waiheke Island, Waitemata Harbour and Tauranga, from TOLAGA BAY all the way down the coast, including the eastern parts of our region in Tararua.

Please stay away from coastal areas until any threat has been lifted.