The former landfill on Putorino Road Update

March 30, 2021

Update: 30 March 2021

Council received the final resource consent on 25 March and the remediation will commence on 1 April 2021. We also received a winter works permit so that the works can continue until completion, without a break for the winter months.

The works are expected to take 12 weeks.

Update: 11 January 2021

On Monday 18 January 2021 our contractor, Central Demolition, will begin establishing their worksite for remediation of the former landfill on Putorino Road.

The first three weeks will involve moving their plant and equipment to site on Putorino Road, installing site offices, erecting fencing and implementing other safety precautions.

Once the resource consent applications are approved, sheet piling will be installed to protect the river and cliff face while the landfill material is excavated, tested, sorted and transported for disposal. We are expecting the resource consents to be granted on 9 February 2021.

The remediation is expected to be completed at the end of April 2021.