Strengthening of Earthquake-prone Buildings

July 27, 2021

Join us for a presentation facilitated by the Rangitīkei District Council which will bring together partners and stakeholders who have an interest in the strengthening of earthquake-prone masonry buildings in town centres within the district as a stimulus to economic and social development and well-being.

Thursday 19 August 2021
9.30am - 12.30pm
Rangitīkei District Council - 46 High Street, Marton

Keynote speakers will include:

Dr. Dmytro Dizhur, PhD.: Founder and principal of DIZHUR Consulting, an independent firm of technical engineering experts based in Auckland who are world-recognized leaders in existing masonry structures. DHIZUR specialises in building investigations, on-site and laboratory testing, advanced structural modelling of masonry structures, as well as development and advice on most cost-effective seismic retrofit methods. The firm advises on the seismic preservation of historically and culturally significant structures throughout the world, as well as at-risk contemporary architecture. Dmytro has advised on over one thousand major projects for assessing, restoring and strengthening masonry buildings and locally has worked on earthquake-prone buildings in Whanganui and is familiar with those in Marton.

Roger Wilkinson: Practical electrician/engineer and owner/investor in residential and commercial buildings in New Zealand and Australia. He is currently converting St David's Presbyterian Church, a massive 875 square metre Historic Place Category 2 listed building in Dunedin built in 1884, into 4 residential flats. Roger utilised his rather diverse skillset to investigate earthquake engineering solutions to select the best fit option for the church conversion.There will be ample time for participants to discuss the speakers’ innovative ideas concerning new engineering techniques and how to reduce the high cost of earthquake strengthening in a Q&A session with Dr. Dizhur and Mr. Wilkinson.

Please register your interest with: Jaime Reibel - Strategic Advisor Economic Development
0800 422 522 or

If you are unable to attend in person. This presentation will be live on Zoom