Three Waters Reform Update

October 01, 2021

Council Unanimously Supports Three Waters Submission.

Rangitīkei District Council has approved its response to the Three Waters Reform in which it made clear its support for the need to change how Three Waters services are managed and delivered in Aotearoa.

In late July, Central Government released information about its proposal to councils, including indicative funding packages. Councils were given eight weeks to consider the reforms and come back with any questions.

During this period Council assessed the proposal, shared information on its website, and engaged with residents to seek their feedback before responding to Central Government on the proposed reforms. As no formal decision was required, Council did not conduct a full public consultation. Depending on future Central Government decisions, Council expects full public consultation to occur.

Rangitīkei Mayor Andy Watson said most residents who responded were opposed to the reform proposal.

"However, Central Government has not done a good job educating people and iwi about what the reforms entail," said Mayor Andy Watson. "They need to step up and front the reform by consulting with communities and iwi across our nation in a meaningful manner."

Mayor Andy Watson said the letter of response to Central Government was a unanimous vote.

"Elected Members understand the need for reform and that a more holistic approach is required, as is increased investment and scale to enable efficiency gains."

"However," he said. "There are a range of views about the scale of investment that is needed, the levels of benefits that will be achieved, the ability of small communities to inform decisions and the right governance model, and much more."

Mayor Andy said Council also outlined concerns about the timing of the reform ahead of the Local Government review, with the expected outcome being the further erosion of Local Government in Aotearoa.

The next announcement from Central Government is expected in October.

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