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Time to trim your overhanging vegetation

November 19, 2021

Trees and flowers are great, but footpaths are for people.

Please keep any trees, shrubs and plants on your boundary, or overhanging the road, clear of the footpath so that pedestrians can use the path safely.

The area above the footpath to a height of 2.4m needs to be kept clear of overgrowth from trees, low shrubs, vines and hedges.

Council inspects footpaths annually for overgrowth. Where vegetation is encroaching from private property onto to footpaths residents are requested to trim trees or vegetation to keep the footpaths clear and available for everyone to enjoy.

In extreme cases Council can serve notice on offending property owners or remove the vegetation and recover costs.

The graphic below illustrates the area that needs to be maintained.

For more information please contact our Customer Experince team on 0800 422 522 (24 hrs), or fill in our Report It - Request for Service form.

Berm illustration Web Image