Turakina Highland Games 2021

January 21, 2021

First held in 1864, the Turakina Highland Games is New Zealand's oldest festival of sports, music and dance.

The Turakina Highland Games were first held in 1864 and are the oldest continuously running on
land sporting event in New Zealand. This is an event of historical importance to the village of
Turakina, the Rangitīkei and is part of the network of piping, dancing and highland sports in New
Zealand. It is an event that brings the locals together, working toward a common goal.

This year the 157th Turakina Highland Games will take place at the Turakina Reserve, Cameron Road,
Turakina on Saturday the 30th January 2021.

Throughout the day the traditional Field Events prove very popular with visitors of all ages. The
chance to learn to toss the caber, toss the sheaf, carry the stones, shot put or do the Farmers Walk
brings out the competitive streak in many. Events are broken up into age groups and male and
female to encourage participation. There is also the tug-of-war for both adults and children.

Many Clans are represented amongst the Clan Stalls, they are happy to chat and help visitors
research family histories and find Clan affiliations. The Market place is always popular and is
growing. Local stall holders selling local produce are mixed in amongst Celtic themed stalls and
information sites.

The event attracts around 1500 people including competitors and spectators.

Visit Turakina Highland Games for more details.