Wilson Place, Marton street tree planting

August 02, 2021

Council will shortly planting street trees throughout the grass berms of Wilson Place, Marton. This will occur sometime within the next three weeks -August 2021.

The species selected to line the street is Prunus campanulata 'Superba'. This is a small pyramidal upright deciduous tree growing to a height of 4 metres, producing deep rose-red nectar filled blossoms from late August.

Prunus campanulata Superba

Site selection is based upon ensuring trees are kept away from underground services, manholes, street lights, intersections, or anywhere a tree may cause a hazard in the future.

See map below for proposed locations for individual trees outside resident houses.

Throughout the drier months we ask residents to assist with watering and reiterate that all pruning and maintenance is to be carried out by Council staff only. We also ask residents to refrain from piling lawn clippings around the base of their Cherry tree, as this can cause stress on the tree which may result in death.

Should you have any queries contact Murray Phillips during office hours on 06 327 0099.

Wilson place trees