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It’s New Zealand Chinese Language Week!

September 28, 2022

Chinese Language Week News Image

Nǐhǎo! Kia ora! Hello!

It’s New Zealand Chinese Language Week and we’re doing our part to encourage Chinese language learning in our workplaces and to celebrate diversity and tolerance in Aotearoa.

As part of the week, we’re encouraging everyone to try the ‘5 Days, 5 Phrases’ challenge. Have a go and see if you can nail these phrases by the end of the week!

1. hello 你好 Nǐhǎo - Nnee how

2. hello everyone 大家好 - dà jiā hǎo - dah jar how

3. I am called 我叫 wǒ jiào - waw jee-owl

4. Thank you 谢谢- xiè xiè - shieh shieh

5. Good bye 再见zài jiàn - z-eye gen