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Climate Change strategy completed

April 15, 2024

Climate Change Sea News Image

Climate change is one of the most tangible threats to our way of life that society will face in the coming decades. In order to respond to this, there is a role for Rangitīkei District Council (RDC) to play our part and support our district decarbonise, adapt, mitigate and prepare for the coming challenges.

RDC used $75,000 of Better off Funding to complete our Climate Change strategy and action plan. Central government has set aside $2 billion (nationwide) for councils to use to improve amenity and outcomes for residents.

Our Climate Change Strategy gives direction for Council about priorities for Climate based issues and offers solutions for how we adapt and mitigate changes not only as they occur, but through future planning to look at where we can act now to prevent climate based impact in the future.

We have already started with the Tutaenui Reserve Restoration Project. This is a fantastic example of for Community by Community with collaboration from Council. Following the harvesting of pine trees around the reservoir in 2017, the community has led the planting of more than 50,000 native trees, the development of walking and biking tracks and recreation facilities. Not only has a long-term native forest been established which acts as a carbon sink, but the community now has a significant, well used recreation facility close by, which reduces the need to travel to enjoy the outdoors. The transformation of the Tutaenui Reserve Restoration project, from a raw water source earned a nomination at the 2022 LGNZ Excellence awards.

Climate change is a responsibility that belongs to all of us, acting today makes it better for everyone tomorrow.

Climate Change Strategy