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Are You Prepared?

Civil Defence is all about people helping people. It is all of us working together to take care of our community's needs in an emergency event.

If there is an emergency, everyone needs to be self-reliant and prepared to survive in their own homes for at least three days without assistance, other than from their neighbours.

In an emergency, Civil Defence co-ordinates a wide range of groups and agencies to:

  • Help prevent loss of life.
  • Help the injured and relieve distress.
  • Help return the community to normal.

An emergency could occur at any time in the Rangitikei District. The most common emergencies include:

You must be prepared for emergencies and be a survivor.

Civil Defence is a purely administrative organisation that facilitates emergency work in times of disaster. Staff are planners and educators. You must be prepared to look after yourself and your family for at least three days.

To contact the Council's Emergency Management Officer or Rural Fire Officer please call Customer Services on 06 327 0099 or 0800 422 522

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